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Eco dishware made from biomaterial , manufactured in Finland using EKOenergy. Kupilka roots date back to 1775 when the first handmade cup was carved - old traditions combined with the best modern materials guarantee quality. The name Kupilka originates from an old Karelian nickname for a wooden mug. Heikki Koivurova, a Finnish industrial designer who is known for his down to earth attitude and beautiful organic, yet functional forms, has designed the products.

  • Kareline® Natural Fibre Composite
  • Eco-friendly cellulose fibres from pine forests reinforce the material
  • FDA approved polypropylene is used as an adhesive
  • Ratio: 50% wood-based cellulose + 50% thermoplastic
  • At the end of the life span the products can be recycled,incinerated for heat energy or returned to the manufacturer for re-use
  • Product complies with requirements of the EC-Regulation EC/1935/2004/EC §3 and EU-Regulation EU No 10/2011

Kupilka Cutlery
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