Woolpower Workwear Protection FR/AR

Authorized Distributor

The Woolpower PROTECTION product line consists of the base layer garment Woolpower PROTECTION LITE, the mid layer garment Woolpower PROTECTION 400 and accessories.

As part of our responsibility to the environment Woolpower does not add chemicals, such as Bromide, in order to achieve flame resistance. It is achieved from the unique characteristics in the fiber composition.

PROTECTION LITE has also been tested in the US and Canada to meet the minimum requirements of ASTM 1506-10A for apparel materials in NFPA 70E.

PROTECTION 400 ATPV 34.3cal/cm2

EN ISO 11612:2008 IEC 61482-2:2009 EN 1149-5:2008

-Aramide, Beltron & Lenzing inherent fibres
-High combustion temp of 590°C
-anti-static properties
-transports and traps up to 30% of its weight in moisture so you stay dry.
-non itchy
-hypo allergenic
-anti bacterial /self-cleaning
-40% stretch/form retention
-tear/run resistant
-Washable 60°C
-tumble dry

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