Woolpower Workwear Base Layers

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Woolpower offers great options for high performance wick, odour resistant durable workwear.

Guard against the dangers of extreme body heat fluctuations with LITE base layers. The flat stitch knit provides fast heat transfer for high intensity activity and when work puts you both indoors and outdoors.

The 200gm2 garments are perfect for cold/damp weather as garment traps air to retain maximum body heat through the unique Ulfrotte terry loop knit; the best choice for those who spend longer periods working outdoors. You will stay in the comfort zone to ensure minimum injury and maximum productivity on the job.

-transports and traps up to 30% of its weight in moisture so you stay dry.
-minimal seams mean minimal friction points.
-all tops feature longer back to protect lower torso in various body movements.
-bottoms with seam-free legs.
-rear gusset adds additional comfort fit.
-non itchy
-hypo allergenic
-anti bacterial /self-cleaning
-40% stretch/form retention
-tear/run resistant
-Washable 60°C
-200g tumble dry

Woolpower LITE Tee
SKU: 7101
Woolpower 200 Tee
SKU: 7102
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