Woolpower Workwear

Authorized Distributor

Woolpower is built for those workers who want to focus on what they need to do, not worrying about staying warm. When it’s cold you want to be at your best so that you can make the right decisions; both for your own safety and that of your co-workers. Woolpower protects the working body in the most extreme conditions.

All Woolpower products in the Protection range are certified flame protective, antistatic and electric arc protective. The Protection FR range has been constructed so that clothing does not worsen injuries in case of accidents.

Woolpower’s manufacturing is located in Östersund, Sweden, and we carry out continuous testing, both at the laboratory stage and out in the field. It’s a huge advantage to have the entire production under one roof. With over 40 years in workwear, this brand has gained the reputation for the best quality in thermal wear.