Velvicut Hudson Bay 14" Hatchet

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Velvicut Hudson Bay 14" Hatchet
The 1.25lb Premium Velvicut ®Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet is crafted out of our US 5160 knife steel with superior toughness and blade retention. The Hudson Bay pattern provides a lightweight head with a generous bit width. Combined with a Grade A Premium Select 14” hickory Handle, this Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet packs a ton of punch in one small package. The perfect companion for chores around the camp fire like splitting kindling and driving in wooden tent stakes. The swooped toe is also useful in carving and the size is perfect to carry on the belt or rucksack. This Velvicut® Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet comes with a bridle leather snap on mask. We also offer this tool with a full Bridle leather sheath, item #JP20HBS14C
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