Trangia 27-7 UL/HA Cookset

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Trangia 27-7 UL/HA Cookset
Trangia Series 27 offers stoves well suited for the lone walker or two people. The pans are smaller and the kettle is sized accordingly. A small, compact stove that takes up minimal room in the knapsack.

This set in the 27 series has two 1-litre saucepans (1 graduated, 1 ungraduated), an 18 cm frying pan, windshields (upper and lower), a burner, a pan grip and a strap and features ultralight hard anodized aluminum pots and pan along with an ultralight aluminum windshield. Dimensions: 18.5 x 10 cm. Weight: 750 g.

Pots: Hard Anodized Aluminum
Pan: Hard Anodized Aluminum
Windshields: Ultralight Aluminum
SKU: 160277
Weight: 820.00 g
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