**NEW** Limited Edition Helle Torrodd Knife

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**NEW** Limited Edition Helle Torrodd Knife
The 2020 Helle limited edition knives takes a vintage Helle design and freshens it up –
much as the person whom the knife is named after has done to Helle as a company.
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Torodd Helle is the last of the second generation of the Helle family. This generation
has been in charge of the company since the end of the 1960s, and has built the brand
of quality knives that Helle is today. It is therefore timely to honor Torodd with a knife
that captures the essence of what Helle has been and will be moving forward.
The knife itself is a remake of the Sigmund knife. Sigmund was Torodd’s father, and
one of the founders of the company. The design plays around with materials and colors
dear to Helle. Dark oak and curly birch provides the handle with contrasts in wood, while
the leather rings between the wood have been dyed in the green colours of Helle. The
green is also reflected in the stitching on the traditionally patterned sheath.
The earth and grass colors communicate the close link between Helle knives and
nature. Helle is located in rural Western Norway, and the dramatic natural surroundings
with tall mountains and deep fjords have always shaped both the people and the
products created here. Torodd – both the knife and the person – is no exception ot this.
The knife features Torodd’s printed signature on one side of the blade.

Name: Torodd
Weight: 94 g
Blade material: triple laminated stainless steel
Blade thickness: 3.0mm
Blade length: 107mm
Handle length: 107mm
Handle material: Dark Oak, Curly Birch, Dyed Leather
Sheath material: Genuine leather
Sheath weight: 48g
SKU: 652G
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